Degree Programs

Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Atmospheric Science ,Degree, M.S. , Ph.D.

Planetary Science, Degree, M.S. , Ph.D.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Robert Loughman

Biological Sciences

Biology, Degree, M.S.

Biology - Environmental Science, Degree, M.S.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Jermel Watkins

Business Administration

Business Administration,Degree, M.B.A., Program Coordinator: Dr. Nikki Finley

Business Administration (Online),Degree, Ph.D., Program Coordinator: Dr. Sid Credle


Chemistry, Degree, M.S., Program Coordinator: Dr. Isai Urasa

Medical Science,Degree, M.S., Program Coordinator: Mr. Michael Druitt

Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Communicative Sciences & Disorders, Degree M.A.

Program Coordinator:  Dr. Dorian Lee-Wilkerson

Computer Science

Computer Science, Degree, M.S.

Information Assurance (Online), Degree M.S.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Moayed Daneshyari


General Counseling (Online), Degree, M.A.

Counseling- College Student Development, Degree, M.A.

Counseling- Mental Health, Degree, M.A.

Counseling- Pastoral, Degree, M.A.

Counseling- School, Degree, M.A.

Educational Specialist (Online), Degree, Ed.S.

Counselor Education and Supervision (Online), Degree, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Richard Mason


Educational Leadership (Online)| Virginia Beach Campus, Degree, M.A., Program Coordinator: Dr. Stephanie Johnson

Educational Management (Online), Degree, Ph.D., Program Coordinator: Dr. Stephanie Johnson

English 6-12, Music PK-12 Degree, M.T., Program Coordinator: Dr. Marthal Jallim-Hall

Biology 6-12, Mathematics 6-12, Degree, M.T., Program Coordinator: Dr. Martha Jallim-Hall


Applied Mathematics (Computational, Nonlinear Science, Statistics and Probability), Degree, M.S., Program Coordinator: Dr. Ira Walker


Medical Science

Medical Science Degree, M.S., Program Coordinator, Mr. Michael Druitt


Nursing-Doctorate of Nursing Practice Degree, D.N.P.

Special Note on the Ph.D. in Nursing Program

Special Note on the M.S. in Nursing Program

Program Coordinator: Dr. Arlene Montgomery

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Degree, D.P.T, Program Coordinator: Dr. Senobia Crawford


Physics (Medical, Nuclear, Optical, Plasma), Degree, Ph.D.

Physics (Medical, Nuclear, Optical, Plasma), Degree, M.S.

Program Coordiantor: Dr. Michael Kohl,


(Re-opening for fall 2020 admission and will be accepting applications beginning January 2, 2020)

Psychology ( 2yr/ 5yr)
Psychology - Marriage & Family Studies (5yr)

Program Coordinator: Dr. Candace Wallace


Sports Administration

Sport Administration- International Sports, Degree M.S.

Sport Administration- Organizational Behavior and Sport Business Leadership Degree, M.S.

Sport Administration- Intercollegiate Athletics, Degree, M.S.

Program Coordinator: Dr. William T. Orr


Special (Non-Degree) Student

Special (Non-Degree) Student, Program Coordinator: Mrs. Kristie Cansler