Degree Programs

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Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Atmospheric Science

M.S., PhD

Dr. Robert Loughman

Planetary Science

M.S., PhD

 Dr. Robert Loughman

Biological Sciences


M.S. Dr. Jermel Watkins
Biology - Environmental Science M.S. Dr. Jermel Watkins

Business Administration

Business Administration M.B.A. Dr. Ruby Beale
Business Administration (Online) Ph.D Dr. Sid Credle



M.S. Dr. Isai Urasa

Medical Science

M.S. Mr. Michael Druitt

Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Communicative Sciences & Disorders M.A. Dr. Tamara Freeman

Computer Science

Computer Science M.S. Dr. Jean Muhammad
Information Assurance (Online) M.S. Dr. Jean Muhammad


Counseling -
College Student Development
M.A. Dr. Spencer Baker
Counseling - Mental Health M.A. Dr. Spencer Baker
Counseling - Pastoral M.A. Dr. Spencer Baker
Counseling - School M.A. Dr. Spencer Baker
Educational Specialist (Online) Ed.S. Dr. Spencer Baker
Counselor Education and Supervision (Online) Ph.D Dr. Spencer Baker


Educational Leadership
Virginia Beach Campus

M.S.  Dr. Stephanie Johnson
Educational Management (Online) Ph.D.  Dr. Barbara Holmes
English 6-12, Music PK-12 M.T. Dr. Martha Jallim-Hall
Biology 6-12, Mathematics 6-12 M.T. Dr. Martha Jallim-Hall


Applied Mathematics (Computational, Nonlinear Science, Statistics and Probability) M.S. Dr. Halima Ail  

Special (Non-Degree) Student

  Mrs. Kristie Cansler


(Family Research) (Online)
Ph.D. Dr. Hilda Williamson
Nursing- Administration
(Advanced Adult, Community/Mental Health, Psychiatric)
M.S. Dr. Hilda Williamson
Nursing- Education
(Advanced Adult, Community/Mental Health, Psychiatric)
M.S. Dr. Hilda Williamson
Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner M.S. Dr. Hilda Williamson

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy D.P.T. Dr. Yolanda Rainey


(Medical, Nuclear, Optical, Plasma)
Ph.D. Dr. Michael Kohl
Physics (Medical, Nuclear, Optical, Plasma) M.S. Dr. Michael Kohl


Psychology M.S. (2/5yr) Dr. Candice Wallace
Psychology-Marriage and Family Studies M.S. (5yr) Dr. Candice Wallace

Sport Administration

Sport Administration- International Sports M.S. Dr. Aaron Livingston
Sport Administration- Organizational Behavior and Sport Business Leadership M.S. Dr. Aaron Livingston
Sport Administration- Intercollegiate Athletics M.S. Dr. Aaron Livingston