Degree Programs

Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics, Degree, M.S.

Program Coordinator: Dr. James Tipton


Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Atmospheric Science ,Degree, M.S. , Ph.D.

Planetary Science, Degree, M.S. , Ph.D.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Robert Loughman

Biological Sciences

Biology, Degree, M.S.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Carolina Lewallen


Biology - Environmental Science, Degree, M.S.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Carolina Lewallen

Business Administration

Business Administration,Degree, M.B.A.

Business Administration (Online),Degree, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Business Admtration Curriculum Sheet 

Ph.D. in Business Adminstration Program Description

Program Coordinator: Dr. Glenda Evans


Chemistry, Degree, M.S., Program Coordinator: Dr. Isai Urasa

Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Communicative Sciences & Disorders, Degree M.A.

Program Coordinator:  Dr. Jessica Sullivan


Communicative Sciences and Disorders Graduate Program "Why Hampton University CSAD?" video

Computer Science

Computer Science, Degree, M.S.

Cyber Security (Online), Degree M.S.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Janett Walter-Williams


General Counseling (Online), Degree, M.A.

General Counseling, Degree, M.A.

Counseling- College Student Development, Degree, M.A.

Counseling- Mental Health, Degree, M.A.

Counseling- Pastoral, Degree, M.A.

Counseling- School, Degree, M.A.

Educational Specialist (Online), Degree, Ed.S.

Counselor Education and Supervision (Online), Degree, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Tiffany Crayton


Educational Leadership (Online), Degree, M.A., Program Coordinator: Dr. Denise Charbonnet

Educational Management (Online), Degree, Ph.D., Program Coordinator: Dr. Tiffany Crayton

*English 6-12, Music PK-12 Degree, M.T., Program Coordinator: Dr. Denise Charbonnet

*Biology 6-12, Mathematics 6-12, Degree, M.T., Program Coordinator: Dr. Denise Charbonnet

*Only current Hampton University students pursuing an education degree can apply to the M.T. (Master of Teaching) degree program

Medical Science

Medical Science Degree, M.S., Program Coordinator, Dr. Jermel Watkins


Nursing - Nursing Administrator, Degree, M.S., Program Coordinator: Dr. Arlene Montgomery

Nursing - Nursing Educator Degree, M.S. Program Coordinator: Dr. Arlene Montgomery


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Degree, D.P.T,

Program Coordinator: Dr. Senobia Crawford


Physics (Medical, Nuclear, Optical, Plasma), Degree, Ph.D.

Physics (Medical, Nuclear, Optical, Plasma), Degree, M.S.

Program Coordiantor: Dr. Michael Kohl,


Religious Studies

Religious Studies- Worship Studies, Degree, M.A.

Religious Studies- Theological Studies, Degree M.A.

Religious Studies-Pastoral Leadership, Degree, M.Div.

Religious Studies- Executive Ministry, Degree, M.Div. 

Program Coordinator: Rev. Dr. Debra Haggins



Sports Administration

Sport Administration- International Sports, Degree M.S.

Sport Administration- Organizational Behavior and Sport Business Leadership Degree, M.S.

Sport Administration- Intercollegiate Athletics, Degree, M.S.

Program Coordinator: Dr. William T. Orr


Special (Non-Degree) Student

Special (Non-Degree) Student, Program Coordinator: Mrs. Kristie Cansler